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  Example of annual maintenance contracts:
• motorboat
• minimum 1 visit / week
Checking rates and tarpaulins: control maintains state and awnings and tarpaulins.
Checking lines: control and status check and good mooring
Verification your mooring dive
Control gale: tightening the ropes before a gale, announcement and check it after desalting
External monitoring: checking damage or intrusions into the boat and
Desalting Outside: deck cleaning, cockpit and hull fresh water
More options for benefits under annual or occasional packages
Exterior cleaning, interior cleaning, hull cleaning
Cleaning carene diving
Control of water in bilges, engine controls leakage
Electrical and electronic control
control hardware
Security control equipment
refueling kit
Verification your carene and your diving anodes
For sailboats
Control of sails, rig control, Desalting and bending sails
If you do not have a place on a pontoon, we also offer all these services Dry

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